Do I remember that right? When roll call happened in Japanese class, you have to answer hai! Right? Gosh guys, sorry about the complete silence the past week. Last week was insanely busy. Busy work and school schedule but I got through. Whew! It’s gonna be tough until Wednesday is over because I have a class presentation! So I was going to work hard on it tonight and totally forgot my textbook at home. Insane right? And this just dawned on me but I’m going to Japan next week! That’s insane. I haven’t even started planning. This is like my nightmare coming true (not being prepared for a trip). I haven’t even started packing. I AM STRESSING MYSELF OUT WITH EACH WORD I TYPE.

Okay, breathe. It was a hard day today, very hard. I got through it and here’s to a better day tomorrow. I hope you all have been doing well. I’ll try to get a few more updates this week. Quick update of a drink I got from Jugo Life. This was 9 dollars and not worth it. Sorry. I should just buy my own super blender and make my own smoothies.

150310-01Like the tag line? Stay hungry, not thirsty. Yes, I agree with that.

150310-02I didn’t get to drink it until the next morning. Here is how it settles. Suffice to say, I drank all of it because it COST NINE DOLLARS. I thought the taste was okay. Don Quijote has that Itoen Veggie Shot on sale this week for $2.99. I’m going to get a couple of those because they taste delicious!


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