Happy Friday!

Yes, today is Friday the 13th. But I know you’ll have a good day, I can just feel it! Did that work? I hope so. I went to the Ala Moana food court this past weekend and wow, it looks great! I haven’t been in there in forever but the renovations looked great! Ala Moana has such a great food court, I should go there more often. The parking and construction at Ala Moana is just so atrocious that I try to avoid them at all costs. I know Foodland closed down but I didn’t realize Sanrio closed down too! That’s super sad. The mall sure is changing. Sorry for that random rant, especially since my post has nothing to do with Ala Moana or the food court…lol. Just a post with random updates again!

150213-01Oops. This was a plate from the Pearlridge Food Court – Hanalei Chicken Company. I wonder if they are owned by Lahaina Chicken Company? Probably not, it’s probably a play off of it. The plate was pretty good. Nothing great but definitely good and I would order it again. This one has roast pork with gravy and fried chicken.

150213-02Sometimes I get a hankering for cold soba salad. It’s really something I slap together for lunch at work. And I cook like a whole week’s worth of lunches and I get super sick of it. I definitely don’t eat it plain like this, I add Kewpie’s Goma dressing to it. Definitely pretty healthy and the wakame will clear your system right out!


150213-04I’ve been on an Acai kick lately. I honestly would like to know where to go to get the most authentic one. These two were from Jamba Juice at UH Manoa. Very different ways to put them together…very different tastes. And I thought I had ordered the same thing! The kids there don’t even know which acai bowl has what ingredients. I’m confused enough as it is! I would not recommend getting it here because it was just TOO tasty. I felt like I was just eating one of their smoothies which must mean a super high sugar count. I do love myself fresh fruit though…

4 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. jalna

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Super funny intro . . . nothing to do with the photos. But now I like check out the renovations!

  2. N

    I go to Ala Moana Ctr. twice a month for my doc’s appointment but I just park and get the hell outta there. The parking is more than atrocious btw. I’ve been forced to park by Long and walk to the opposite end to get to the AM Bldg. Even the stalls are atrocious as they reconfig it to the renovation. I always thought the food court was expensive junk tasting food. But maybe next time I’ll go check it out. Your post about the chicken made me think of Hana Broasted Chicken. They were so popular in the 70s and 80s and they all closed, the last one at Pearlridge I think. Ono ono fried chicken. Before in the olden days like in the 70s when I worked there, they had excellent restaurants (Prince Kuhio, Wong’s Okazu-ya) and food (Lynn’s deli, chinese food). Kind of miss that stuff

    • Jenny

      Yes, N! They closed off the elevators for the structure and moved it to another place…I got so confused! I just can’t wait for all this to be over. You are right though, some places at the food court is pretty expensive. I really enjoy Banga Banga, it’s a little kiosk located more in the middle of the food court. I get the kalbi bowl and it is served on plenty rice and with slices of deep fried garlic slices. So good!

      I never got to try Hana Broasted Chicken! I’m pretty sad I didn’t get to. All the old school food places were definitely the best. I miss the old school days period!

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