Cafe Miro – Waialae, HI

Another entry to share my dining experience at Cafe Miro. This visit was not as great as the first visit, we had a better table but not great service. Although, the waiters tend to work all tables so you’re getting served by everyone. I guess it was just the waiter who took our order that I wasn’t a fan of. Our table was located in the middle of the restaurant so I was able to observe everyone around us. That’s entertainment in itself! There was a young couple to the side of us, the female was pretty meek. The male was a bit loud and flashy. He seemed like he was trying to impress her, I could hear his voice all night but not her voice. But it could be because she had a soft speaking voice. Anyway, I watched as they were served all night with different dishes and drinks…he went the ala carte route. So they are winding down on the meal and finishing dessert with coffee when another table leaves. He calls a waiter over and I swear to you, he asks to get moved to their table! He says something like, I’d paid so much money tonight, I want the better table. I couldn’t believe it. This guy was DONE with his meal, he was minutes away from leaving so why move tables now?? Anyway, the restaurant couldn’t comply because they had people waiting for tables. Sorry for the rant but that guy really irked me. Onto the food!

150215-01Amuse-bouche. Not sure why they call it this when it’s supposed to be a bite of food? This was the same cold red pepper soup as last time. Maybe I was hungry because I thought it tasted good this time…haha

150215-02Beef Tataki Starter – delish!150215-03



Pate de Campagne – Country style pork pate cornichons and tossed salad

This is my starter and I don’t really know why I went this route. This appetizer wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. I’m somehow into all these different types of meat and pate, I think I like the taste of liver and am aware I may be in the minority in this.

150215-06Rib Eye Steak with Daikon Fusion Sauce

Gosh, I think this is what my friend got. Sorry if that is wrong. I just remember he asked to up the size and they did and then charged us the ala carte price. Good thing I chinese and check everything.



Roasted Young Chicken With Morel Mushroom Cream Sauce

Ahhhh, I love this dish. I’m not one that usually chooses chicken over anything. Especially since I could get steak for the same price! But this chicken is so good. The chicken is cooked perfectly and the morel mushroom cream sauce are what dreams are made of. I need to learn how to make this!


Assorted Desserts Platter

You get to choose between this or the Fruit and Cheese Platter, my previous post explains why I will always stick to the assorted desserts! It is so good! The chocolate mousse, the creme brulee, and the sorbet in the edible bowl. Perfect dessert.

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