Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to be specific! Well this has been quite a week. I had a nice fall on Wednesday and twisted my ankle. First time ever! So I’ve been limping all around but the swelling has finally gone done. Yay! I hope its fully healed this weekend. I hope you folks had a good week. Did you have your jai today? Or maybe gau? I had quite a bit of jai and I still love it. Wish I could eat it everyday.


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  1. Anon

    Happy new year! Yikes twisting ones ankle for the start of the year isn’t good:( it’s going to take a bit more healing …have you been icing and elevating it? Better yet…did you,see your doctor? Hope you are okay!

    I made my jai last weekend, I had forgotten to put the water chestnuts…I knew something was off. Btw who makes your jai? Curious,what goes into it as every family is different.

  2. Thanks Anon! Yes, but fortunately it’s even better today! I’m hardly limping but I still don’t wanna overexert it. 🙂 I have been icing and elevating when I can…no need doctor. I’m hard head like that.

    Ohh made your own jai! That’s awesome. My dad actually makes the family jai and it makes it very good. I actually take a lot to the office and they eat it up too! Let me name off some things; dates, ginko, shiitake mushroom, long rice, gluten, fried tofu, carrots, black moss, arrowroot (which looks like chestnut but you’re in for a surprise when you bite in), beancurd sticks, dried oysters, golden lily buds, tree ear fungus, baby corn, gosh that’s a lot of ingredients. If any of my coworkers remember others, I hope they can post.

    • Anon

      Thanks for the list….mines has about the same ingredients too except for arrowroot, corn and gluten…they used to sell a diff type of gluten that looked like thick sticks in red and white. They no longer sell it for some reason.

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