Happy October!

Do you know what October signals to me?  Fall!  I love Fall and Winter.  I know a lot of people get all mad about Christmas decorations being sold so early but I secretly love it.  I love it because Christmas is my most favorite holiday.  I used to Pandora Christmas music all year long, I was that hardcore.  Anyhow, Happy October!  Sorry I’ve been quiet, but I did kind of warn you guys that I had a few crazy weeks ahead of me.  I do want to take some time out to wish my friend Wendy a happy birthday.  I’m sorry you had to work but I hope you had a good day either way!

Sorry it’s going to be another short post.  I hope to get back into the swing of things end of this week?  I’ve got some stuff to do still so I haven’t been able to concentrate.  Let me share my sewing machine.  I bought my first sewing machine this past May and opened the box in September, lol.  Crazy right?  I’ve always wanted a sewing machine so I can do basic hem repairs on my clothes.  And no, I don’t want to use needle and thread.  Thank you.  Hahaha.  Anyway, the first thing I wanted to mend was this white skirt I have.  I finally mended my hem and guess what I see?  A freaking stain on the skirt!  And I’ve been bleaching and bleaching it to no avail!  I don’t even know what the stain it.  The closest way I can describe the stain is that…it almost looks rust stained.  So frustrating!  So I finally fix my skirt and it’s for nothing.  Sad ah?  Anyway, look at the first stitch I made.  LOL…have a great week everyone!


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