Mighty Wings

Have you seen the new promotion for McDonald’s?  Fried Chicken Wings!  I had to give it a try, especially after they closed down the Dillingham KFC.  How could they do that?  I mean the only other KFC in the area is down on North King Street and there is no drive through.  That decision made no sense to me.  I guess it’s either be good and don’t eat fried chicken or head on over to Popeyes.

Anyway, the chicken wings are pretty good!  I wonder if it’s for a limited time.  Do you guys remember the time that McDonald’s tried to do plate lunches?  I thought it was a cool idea but it didn’t work out.  That’s too bad.  I still do think McDonald’s needs to carry their breakfast platters all day long.  I’d love to have breakfast for dinner every once in a while.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the Mighty Wings!



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