Happy Saturday!

I hope you folks get to go out and have some fun this weekend! I just wanted to share some pictures of Waimanalo Beach Park. This was my¬†first time at this beach and it was fantastic! A nice parking lot, clean beach….and not at all crowded! It was great! I would love to get back here soon.



Happy Saturday everyone!

2 responses to “Happy Saturday!

  1. Foodluva

    Wow! Nice looking beach! Was it safe? Any homeless people? Bathrooms? Parking? Been wanting to venture out beyond Magic Island but haven’t had the guts to try any other beaches. Would love to hear your feedback.

  2. Jenny

    Yes, I think so! Not many people around, saw more tourists than locals. There are bathrooms. And what I appreciated about this beach was that there is a parking lot for the beach! There are also showers outside of the bathrooms too. Very short walk from the parking lot to the beach. The water was a bit strong this visit, not sure if it’s always like that. Very enjoyable!

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