Izakaya Torae Torae – Moilili, HI

Yes, another visit to Izakaya Torae Torae! Sorry, not sorry. Okay I am sorry for using that phrase though. Another visit, another great meal with great company! I had a great time with my friend here! I actually didn’t take pictures of all the foods! But the ones I didn’t take pictures of were of foods I’ve shared before. Let’s get to the food!



Hamachi Carpaccio – delicious as always. Served on a bed of thinly sliced onions. The onions are prepared so that there isn’t a raw bite.


150125-04Pork Belly Kakuni – Sunterra Farm Blackline pork belly simmered in soy based sauce. Delicious! Perfectly poached egg on top of pork belly on top of perfectly cooked rice. Good dish but not a favorite of mine.


150125-06Dashimaki Tamago – I enjoyed this much more on the second try. It is still filled with cheese and unagi but I think I like it more and more. It is garnished with kewpie mayonnaise, daikon, and green onions. Delicious! Once again, not on the standard menu. You have to request it with the wait staff and they will check to see if it can be made.


150125-08Lollipop Roll – first time trying it and it was delicious! And look at how beautiful this dish is. You really do feast with your eyes first before all else. I would definitely recommend this dish!

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