Happy Saturday!

Yes! Thank god it’s the weekend. I had a very busy week so I am very happy to rest today. The past two nights, I’ve been coming home and like sleeping at or before 9. That’s crazy! But that’s how busy work has been. It’s gonna be busy for the next few weeks too but busy is good right? 🙂 I’ve been slowing down on my eating adventures, I need to pick it back up! Also now gonna try to save money but a meal out once a week ain’t too bad right? Well I was without a car for a week and counted on my cousin to take me to and from work…it was horrible without a car! I guess I really got spoiled cause I used to bus it all over. Anyway, I do enjoy walking and miss it a bit. When you’re driving, you miss out on a lot of details around you. Once, I decided to walk home from work and it let me appreciate so much more about my surroundings! Things that I just drove past when I’m in my car. This picture is an example of that. Last week as I was waiting for my ride, I saw this sprouting out from a wall! It was so pretty that I just had to capture it. I was sad to see it gone a few days later…but was happy I caught it when I did. Have a great weekend folks.


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