Healthy Bibimbap – Seoul, Korea

Can I start this blog off with a rant? Sorry guys, you can skip this paragraph if you want to go straight to the happy (I wouldn’t blame you!). Anyway, I finished work today and did my usual walk to my car and guess what I see? Someone had scratched my car. My new car. 🙁 The car I saved so hard for…has a big scratch on it. It looks like the person had opened his/her car door and let it fling open onto my door. There was white paint all over, luckily I got side body molding installed on my car so it’s the molding that got the grunt of the hit. Still hurts though and makes me sick since my car is only 2 months old. Sigh, wish the person left a note. Even if it was just a note that said sorry. I understand things like this can happen and it’s an accident. I think I sat on the curb in the parking lot for about 20 minutes because I was so mad/sad…lol. I feel a bit better now, not great but nothing I can do now right? No can change what’s done.

Oh! I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you folks had a good one. I had a nice and restful one…had some cleaning too. Today’s entry will be sharing a nice meal we had before we hiked up to Namsan Tower. I don’t remember the name of this place but I am pretty sure it was a restaurant for tourists. They had a menu with…interesting English. We were able to order okay! I liked the food. I didn’t take much pictures because the waitress was a bit rude…


I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, banchan is EVERYTHING. The banchan here was amazing. Not sure what the top right dish is…but it was my favorite! Does anyone know?

140422-02Sometimes a nice bowl of tofu soup can be the cure all…

140422-03I usually don’t love the earthiness of this type of veggies – but these were great!  Tasted great.

140422-04Until we meet again – so delicious…

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