Homemade Sushi Rolls

This is the first time I made legit sushi rolls.  This is something Gulick has that I’ve always liked.  It’s just a simple tuna roll with furikake and daikon.  So instead of paying Gulick money for part of a roll, why not make my own and eat as much as I want (though I shouldn’t)?  Well here are the results of me rolling my own!

131026-01First roll!  Yummy…

131026-02Of course I wrap my mat with saran wrap.  Everyone does right?  


Some aji furikake and tuna mixed with mayonnaise…

131026-04Daikon!  The daikon is too long so I bit it to get it to fit…shhh…

131026-05All rolled up!!  


I also made a natto roll.  No, I’m natto obsessed!  (Did you laugh?  Probably natto…okay okay, I’ll stop)

I’ve been talking about natto so much at work that my coworker like wakes up craving natto.  Isn’t that funny?  I was laughing when she kept telling me how she would wake up wanting to make rice to eat with natto but she no more natto.  My love for natto is pretty new so for anyone to crave natto like I do is surprising.  I know a lot of people hate natto.  Natto smells pretty stinky when you’re eating it but I think the smell disappears once you finish eating it.  Some foods really keeps the smell around even after eating it…


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5 responses to “Homemade Sushi Rolls

  1. Anon

    FYI try using freshly cooked rice sprinkled with sushi vinegar seasoning,it’s worth the extra effort. The rice will roll up easier than cold rice.

  2. jalna

    I did laugh . . . but first I went wwwwwwww! I can’t believe your love for natto is new. I always thought that the only way you could like it is if you first ate it as a child when you neva know any better. LOL.

    • jenny

      Thanks Anon! I don’t usually like a strong vinegar taste but maybe I’ll use a little bit next time to see how it rolls. Thanks for the tip!

      Jalna – Hahaha maybe it’s time for you to try something new that you might like. May I suggest chicken feet? Haha!

  3. Foodluva

    Holy cats! If that’s your first attempt making a sushi roll, you did a great job! Oh and natto…… I like it too! I grew up despising the smell of it and never ate it. Then I saw someone eating natto with rice and Korean nori. It looked good so I tried it myself. Got hooked on natto since then. And strangely, it doesn’t smell. Hahahha!

    • jenny

      Foodluva: lol, I guess it’s from watching all those sushi rolling videos. Pretty good stuff! Glad you like natto too. I’m starting a natto revolution.

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