Ichiran Ramen – Harajuku, Japan

The day has come. Ichiran POST! Here we are on the stairs in line waiting to get in. No worries, the line moves pretty fast.

Look at this helpful guide they give you as you wait! Cash only by the way.

Here’s what you can choose from. I used to get the set menu but it’s actually more expensive that way. You know me, I get the bowl of ramen and two eggs. No shame.

Half-boiled Salted Egg | ¥130
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen | ¥980

Oh yum yum yum. The noodles are thin but hold their own in the nice broth. You can choose how salty the broth is, how spicy it is, how the noodles are cooked – totally customizable! No wonder we ate there so much…definitely our favorite ramen joint this trip.


    • Jenny says:

      You know what’s funny? When I first read your comment, I was like, there’s collagen in that soup? LOL so maybe the answer is no? But actually! My skin usually does poorly in cold weather and it wasn’t that bad this time! So maybe yes! Sorry I don’t have a scientific answer…

      • vickinags says:

        Ahaha, supposedly tons of collagen since they boil the pig bones to melt all the marrow and stuff, I guess when the weather is cold and dry, we should try eat lots of tonkotsu to see if it does help. Supposed to help joints too!

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