IL Gelato Hawaii – Honolulu, HI

Hi folks. It’s been a long week already but I am definitely going to try to keep up with the posts! Lots of stuff is going on but I’m hoping things settle down soon. Hope you folks are all doing well! I’ve been enjoying the chilly weather these past few days, I wish it could stay! Speaking of chilly, I’m here to share with you a dessert I had recently! I’ve tried IL Gelato before at a farmer’s market and really enjoyed it so I was definitely happy to see them pop open at Kahala Mall!


One Scoop of Old Fashioned Chocolate Gelato – $3.75


Delicious! I love their chocolate gelato. It’s such a rich and creamy chocolate taste. It was really reminscent of ice cream I had as a kid. It’s hard to explain but just trust me, bugga taste good. 🙂

140319-03Kona Royale – $7.50

140319-04Kristian felt like a Kona Coffee dessert. They didn’t have the actual kona coffee gelato so he tried the Kona Royale. It was very big and jam packed with stuff. I really think this is more of a two person dessert – Kristian could not finish it! How was the taste though? I’ll let him comment since it was his dessert.

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  1. jalna

    OMG that Kona Royale looks so ono . . . and so fattening . . .

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