My never ending quest to find some delicious black bean noodles.  You know the ones.  If you ever watch a Korean drama, there inevitably will be a black bean noodle eating scene.  Usually in anger and usually resulting in black bean sauce all over their lips.  It’s pretty funny and they make it look SO delicious.  There are a few places here in Hawaii but I haven’t had anything that really blew my socks off.  Well the one I am sharing is probably the closest to my favorite served in Hawaii so far – which is pretty darn good for take-out.  I got it from Palama Supermarket on North King Street!

131212-03Oh droooool…

131212-01So this is how it looked when I got home.  It was smooshed into the box and I was pretty disappointed at the look of it.

131212-02Here’s the black bean sauce ready to be mixed into the noodles.  When I picked it up, the lady at the counter told me that the noodles are cold and that the sauce isn’t fully hot on purpose.  She said if I preferred it to be hotter in temperature that I could heat it up at home.  Not something a lazy person wants to hear when taking out food…so I didn’t heat it further when I got home.  I mixed it up and ate it.  It was perfect to me.  I don’t like my food piping hot so I liked it a lot.  The sauce looks heavy but the one they serve is definitely one of the lighter ones I’ve had.  I enjoyed it a lot!

131212-04They give a lot of daikon!  Daikon is THE side dish for these noodles.  I wish we had Korean food delivery here in Hawaii like in Korea.  They deliver everything and give you actual dishes.  When you’re done, you just leave the dirty dishes outside of your door for pick-up.  I want to move to Korea…lol.


4 responses to “Jajangmyun

  1. lance

    I was browsing the food shops at the old 99 Ranch Market in Mapunapuna. Sorry, don’t know what it’s called now. I seen this young couple eating that and it freaked me out. I never seen that before. They said they order it regularly and recommended that I try it. I have already ordered the beef brisket noodles from the chinese shop. Sorry, I never caught the name of the shop that serves that. But have you tried the one from there?

  2. Hi Lance! I haven’t tried them there. I only know of that one Korean place by Mini Garden Express. I love ranch 99 and their current set up! If I get a hankering for black bean noodles…I’ll give them a try!

  3. lance

    Yeah, yeah!!! I ordered from Mini Garden Express and the couple ordered it from the Korean place right next.

  4. jenny

    I gotta say, anytime I go Ranch 99 it’s for Mini Garden though! Can’t beat the food and prices.

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