Japan 2015 Day 6 – Tokyo

Day 6. Yes, it was the day after the worst day in Japan. It didn’t start off great. Why? Our pocket wifi stopped working, it was super slow or it wouldn’t connect at all. The rare moment I was able to connect, I used it to contact our apartment owner to ask what could be done. We could NOT go around Japan without the use of wifi for our phones! Anyhow, our day was going to be pretty leisurely. Shibuya and Disney pooped us out. We headed to the Tokyo Station and I remembered how to get to the Imperial Palace East Gardens. It’s an awesome garden that is free! Who wouldn’t want to go? It was definitely a nice time for us and it was during this visit that the apartment owner offered to drop off a new pocket wifi unit for us to use! Wasn’t that awesome? Thank God because Kyoto was around the corner! This day was already way better than the day before.

This post is going to be mainly pictures of the garden, I’ll focus on the food in the next post!

150615-01The beautiful Tokyo Station

150615-02The rule is to take pictures of every sakura you see, I make and follow the rules.



150615-05I love walking through this city. It was all so clean and beautiful. Perfect weather. I also love tall buildings so it was all in all a great walk.

150615-06Here we are! Garden time!

150615-07Making our way to the entrance gate. They issue you a token to get into the garden which you return when you leave. Not sure why they do it, there is no charge to get into the garden.


150615-09Just loved seeing the old pay phone here. Even the picture is vintage, this was located at a rest area in the garden.




150615-12The garden was a great way to relieve our stress. Next post, food!

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