Japan 2015 Day 6 – Food!

No breakfast today. But our dinner made up for that and for Shibuya! Lunch was a bit of a letdown. We didn’t know where to eat so we ended up in Tokyo Station and ate at an Italian Risotto place called Riso Canovietta, it was so junk. I’ll still share the pictures…




150617-04This one was mine. Bacon with spinach and carbonara risotto I think. It was that memorable (not). It was bland and disappointing.



150617-07Tea time! Well more like coffee time for us. This was a nice little afternoon pick-up in the middle of shopping. A cute cafe in the middle of a very expensive mall, there were a lot of young housewives enjoying their afternoon tea. How lucky…this Kristian’s dessert. He enjoyed it!

We headed back to the apartment after the garden and shopping because we wanted to rest but mostly because we wanted our new wifi device. I know, we’re too reliant to the internet. We got to the apartment and the owner respected our privacy enough to hide it outside of the apartment in his gas closet thing…it was great. Older wifi unit but worked great. We were ecstatic. I don’t know about you but when I get back home after a long day, I don’t tend to head back out. This happened to us too. We finally decided to grab dinner across the street from our apartment. We found a super hole in the wall Chinese restaurant and decided to give them a try. Oh my god. It was such a great decision. By far my favorite restaurant of the trip, which is kind of sad but I don’t care. IT WAS GREAT. The waitress was an older lady and she was very nice to us (much needed after our previous day) and the food was delicious. Let me share…

150617-08Can they bring this place to Hawaii? Please?


150617-10This dish is as simple as it looks. Scrambled eggs with edamame and shrimp. The eggs were cooked perfectly, not runny or overcooked. The seasoning was probably just salt but it was perfectly seasoned, the edamame was a nice touch and the shrimp was perfectly cooked. It was delicious.

150617-11Chicken Karaage – delicious and tender. So good.


150617-13Okay how Chinese is this? Lettuce in fried rice, I love it. The lettuce is cooked just to a quick wilt so it maintains its crunch. The seasoning was on point and really hit the spot.


150617-15I AM DROOLING LOOKING AT THESE PICTURES. This is their tan tan men and it was so so so good. It was my favorite bowl of noodles in Japan. Perfectly seasoned broth and perfectly cooked noodles. Gosh, it was just a perfect bowl of comfort. I am half compelled to fly back out to Japan to eat this. Really.

150617-16Mapo Tofu – at first, we told her we didn’t order this. She nicely told us it came with the food we ordered. Was good! Spicy and delicious. What a perfect way to end day 6….


4 responses to “Japan 2015 Day 6 – Food!

  1. jalna

    I’m drooling over your tan tan mein too!!

  2. N

    Fried lettuce. My ex who was Chinese, we’d go over to Popo’s house for dinner and his aunt sauteed lettuce one day as a side dish. I was like, fried lettuce???? Everyone dug into it, and I was the only one going “what?” Have never seen it since and now I know it’s a Chinese thing.

  3. Jenny

    @ Honolulu Aunty and Jalna – I still drooling over it!

    @ N – Too funny, you gotta try em! Quick cooked lettuce is so refreshing and crunchy, it’s delish!

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