Japan 2015 – Random Japan Purchases

Quick post to show off some cute stuff I bought from Japan. It’s mostly pictures of the things I got from Natural Kitchen that I wanted to show Jalna. And anyone who wants to be a fan of their stuff!

150507-01All from Natural Kitchen – I might be missing a few things but the bulk is here!

150507-02Okay I lied, it’s not all just 100 yen stuff. This one was 500! But if we compare it to the price here ($15 – $20), me paying less than 5 bucks was a steal! And this one has much cuter colors!

150507-03I was there for the cherry blossom season so they had a lot of sakura stuff! Here is a sakura foam pot rest thingie…so you don’t burn your table tops!

150507-04Sakura Coasters

150507-05Ah, here are the Laurel scents I was raving about. One drop of Savon and Cherry each into my aroma diffuser and I am in zen mode for the night. My alien looking aroma diffuser is in the background, hehe.

150507-06Jalna, you’re gonna get a laugh out of this one. I found these in the dollar store for a dollar each. They don’t sell this kine here, only get the primary color/alphabet kine for kids. I HAD TO GET IT. So I bought 24 of these. YES, 24 of these dang foot long squares. I carried it all around Odaiba back to the apartment and had to stuff them into my suitcase. Everything fit! And these of course offered mucho cushion in my suitcase. And yes, you can see that I initially placed them with the grain facing all crazy ways. I did fix it so they are more wood looking now. I’m nuts yeah? No regrets though!

2 responses to “Japan 2015 – Random Japan Purchases

  1. jalna

    OMG. I want EVERYTHING that you bought. Sooo neat stuff you got. And you’re right I totally laughed when I saw your squares. Too funny!! I gotta show Sweetie. But hey . . . you cannot find them here. Right? When I went to Japan with Leslie two years ago, I knew that we would be doing a lot of walking so I got a cheap $3 rolly thing from the swap meet to roll around our goods in while shopping. The plan was to leave it in Japan, and I did. I think you need one for next time.

    • Jenny

      Now you have shopping goals for your next trip! Glad you liked it! I think I totally know what to hit up on my next trip and it includes a lot of dollar stores, and that’s fine! And a rolling bag is such great advice. I think I do want to go with a tour group next time…

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