I-NABA – Moilili, HI

Hey folks! Sorry, gotta take a short break from blogging about Japan. Especially since the next post is going to be the angry one! Gotta put myself in a zen place until I finish my paper! It’s been so busy at work that I haven’t been able to request vacation time to work on my paper. Luckily my supervisor is very nice in allowing me to take last minute vacation time when I find free time to do so (which right now is NONE). We had a nice lunch today for the office, we celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day in a nice little restaurant.┬áThen a lot of things happened at work and I got mad. Hahaha wish I could elaborate more but I can’t.

For this post, I am sharing a recent lunch at I-NABA. You folks ever been there? It’s an old school soba place on South King Street, they share the same lot as Baskin Robbins and Manabu’s. Great place and I heard they make their own soba noodles so they are great! If you like soba, you won’t regret it! Here are some pictures!

150505-01My friend got soba with natto. She loved it! She got it with the hot broth, you can choose hot or cold.

150505-02I got the special Mentaiko on grated yamaimo served with bonito in a cold broth. It was delicious. My other friend called yamaimo snot before I went out for lunch which was not pleasant as I ate it and remembered that. Hehe, I get what she meant though.

150505-03Here is the edamame rice that comes with the set. It tasted okay, a bit bland.

150505-04Small Order of Tempura. This was delicious! The batter is light and they fried it fresh so it tasted perfectly crispy. I loved it.

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