Japanese Biscuits for the Win

This picture comes with a story. During my first trip to Japan, we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. After we perused the top floor, my friend checked out the gift shop and purchased a package of biscuits. I’m not a fan of biscuits but she let me try one and my life changed. It was so delicious and I always remembered them. I also couldn’t find it afterwards during the trip. So for this trip, I had a mini mission in mind…to find those biscuits again. I randomly look for them here in Hawaii when I go to Nijiya but I never found them. Guess what? I found them! I saw it in a convenience store in Japan and picked it up…150618-01If I learned anything from my previous trips, I knew that when I find something – I have to buy it. There’s a chance I won’t find it again. Thankfully I did, because I really didn’t spot these cookies again during this trip! How do I explain the taste of these? They are both savory and sweet at the same time. Perfect amount of saltiness while maintaining the sweetness of a biscuit, they are toasted and aren’t too hard or soft. I mean, how can a person really sell biscuits? Just buy a pack if you see them and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. N

    I love Takarazuka’s Review’s senbei. It is the bestest senbei and I think it’s only available there. I grew up eating it and in the olden days when mom would go back home she’ll always get me a can. I have yet to find anyone that can make it so light and delicious as them. So I know about jonesing for something!

    • Jenny

      Oh gosh, N. You making me wanna try that too and I never had em before. This is from Japan? I wonder if they still have it? I will have to get it next time I go back!

  2. Arlene

    I was looking around for info about your crackers and it sounds like they are millet crackers put out by the Nomura Company of Kochi prefecture. I’ve never ordered from Rakuten, but here’s a link to purchase the crackers: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/brandneo/item/138-a100365550/?s-id=borderless_recommend_item_en

  3. Arlene

    Here’s a short description of the Nomura company along with other products of Kochi prefecture: https://www.jetro.go.jp/jetro/japan/tokushima/food/shikoku_food02.pdf

    And student’s tour of the factory: http://lifeinkochi.net/2012/08/the-most-earnest-biscuits-on-earth/

  4. jalna

    Ooooh, gonna look for it next time I go to Japan.

  5. Salty yet sweet, my favorite combination.

    Too bad they don’t have it here.

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