King Restaurant & Bar – Honolulu, HI

Tried King Restaurant & Bar a few times now and it’s been good each time. For some reason, this past visit was especially good. Perhaps we ordered all the good food? They always have packed tables when I drive by during dinner time, we try to order take-out during off-peak hours. Always ready pretty quick and never get the order wrong yet!

Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice | $16.95

Why don’t I order this dish more often? I wanted the nostalgic taste of chinese salted fish so we got this! This was Chan’s first time trying this dish and he liked it! Probably not more than me lol. I loved it, perfectly seasoned – definitely would order again!

Beef Chow Fun (Dried) | $16.95

We watched a YouTube video which got Chan hankering for some good ole Beef Chow Fun. Yum. I especially like it when they have the good “wok hei” on this dish. It was good! A little pricey but I guess we’re paying Ala Moana prices for all these dishes huh?

Twist Cruller | $3.50

It looks like they started serving dim sum too – how interesting! We ordered our food in the late afternoon and this was still available to order. I am curious to try the other dim sum dishes! I didn’t try this dish, this is more Chan’s style. 🙂

Spicy Salt & Pepper Pork Chop | $18.95

Yum, great main entree! Nice tender pieces of pork deep fried – can you go wrong?? It was good!

Ong Choy w/Preserved Beancurd | $15.95

Have I ever shared that ong choy is one of my favorite vegetables of all time? I remember when my mom used to stir fry it with sliced garlic and fermented shrimp paste (harm ha), smells so good to me (probably not so good to others). This is a great way to make it too – I loved it. Couldn’t get enough. Can’t wait to order or eat here again!

8 responses to “King Restaurant & Bar – Honolulu, HI

  1. jalna

    Everything looks so yummy.

  2. vickinags

    this and Au’s Garden are my favorite Chinese places!
    I’ve never eaten those cruellers. Just plain or dipped in something?
    Aside from the fried rice, your menu is pretty much what we order too but we love the stringbeans with minced pork too.

    • Jenny

      I haven’t tried Au’s and that’s so close to my home! The crullers are usually eaten with jook/congee! Chan likes to eat it plain! Gotta try the string beans next time!

  3. kat

    those cruellers look like the one they give with taiwan soy milk soup here

  4. I heard about this place. My go to restaurant is Yi Xin Cafe in Market City. Last week I ordered jajangmeon from Easter Paradise – was ono! I love Chinese food. I will try here next time.

    • Jenny

      Oh man I haven’t tried yi xin yet but it’s on my list! And I’ve been craving jajangmyeon too…so hard to be good with all this good food around

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