La Birria – Aiea, Hawaii

These Birria Tacos have been all the rage in the food trend world for a few months now. When La Birria opened up their food truck in Pearlridge, I knew I had to try it! The tacos looked so good and the dipping sauce, it made me so curious! So we made the trek out there and stood in a socially distanced line (took about an hour I think!) because we really checked it out during peak popularity. No online ordering but once you got up to the front of the line, it was pretty quick and easy to order with the nice worker. Then you gotta wait for the food, they are churning it out!

Let’s first take a look at the menu.

12 Pack Birria Queso Tacos | $45.00 (!)

Birria Queso Pack (3 tacos) | $12.00

We had a few folks trying this so I needed a few extra tacos but certainly not another 12 pack! So how was it? I hate to be the party pooper but it was just…okay. Nothing special about this taco. I felt like the dipping sauce lacked depth and flavor, would have loved it to have more of a concentrated taste to it since the tacos themselves were a bit bland. Would have loved a bit more cilantro and maybe some red onions to add a nice kick.

Birria Saimin | $12.00

Okay so since I was all excited for the broth, I had to try their twist on saimin! Well like I said, the broth is just okay so the saimin was also just okay. Was it worth $12? No. I wouldn’t order that again.

Gotta do the noodle pull!

Anyway, they are still super popular and actually opened a second truck in Kakaako! Maybe they have improved by now? I’m not sure, I did get this many months ago and since they were selling out so fast everyday…I always wondered how well they could properly marinate the meat for the broth. I wish them well since I am always down to support local, hope they have staying power when this food trend bubble pops. Maybe they can be like the new bubble tea (that trend will never die).

8 responses to “La Birria – Aiea, Hawaii

  1. kat

    bummer, but at least you got to try

  2. Arlene

    Aww, disappointing! When people first started talking about birria tacos, I looked up a couple of recipes & the most flavorful ones seem to require a daunting number of ingredients & spices not easily or cheaply sourced here in Hawaii. So I guess they sacrificed some (maybe a lot of) flavor in making their consommé for the masses; it happens.

    • Jenny

      Yes! Exactly! If they are churning it out so much daily, I couldn’t see how they could have a nice pot of broth that was deep in flavor everyday. Okay, I am just making an assumption…but like I mentioned to Kat, there’s another place I like try! Hopefully it’s better.

  3. N

    My Mexican landlord had one of her Mexican workers open his own Mexican food truck and I tried his burrito sandwich. Broke the mouth good. He’s up by Schofield barracks, in a parking lot for a Lodge. If via the H1, it’s past the used car lot, past all the old apartments by Lake Wilson. Not the road that goes through Wahiawa town. The road that passes all the military entrances. -n

    • Jenny

      Oooh hi N! Nice to hear from you! And thanks for the tip! So this is not in Schofield right, just by it? You making me all curious! I think I drive through that road all the time to head up to Haleiwa.

  4. jalna

    My son said the same thing. He wouldn’t get it again. But I totally would! LOL.

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