Liliha Bakery – Honolulu, HI

Just realized all three Liliha Bakery‘s are in Honolulu yeah? Okay well, this post is for the OG location and honestly the only one I go to. Nothing against the other ones, they are nice, new and shiny but it is something about the original location that warms my heart. I actually spent a lot of my childhood years in an apartment building within like a 2 minute walking distance but never went (it isn’t exactly a destination of choice for FOB Chinese people). So I guess I discovered the true magic of this place as a late bloomer in my adulthood. I like dining in their restaurant or should I just say counter, something comforting about the diner food and Filipino nana’s making my food. I like laugh because I remember years ago, I ordered a saimin and watched as she pour water into a measuring cup, microwave it and to pour into my saimin. Oh the joys of their open kitchen and counter seating system, made me really think…why didn’t I just cook this myself. Ah, the same could be said about any food in any restaurant right?

One of my highlights? Gotta be the butter rolls and their legendary neon jelly. There’s nothing more to say. Freshly buttered and toasted butter rolls warmed on their griddle served with their iconic (don’t ask me what flavor it is) jelly. I could eat this and just this and be happy.

Anyway, I thought I came on a off day (weekday) at an off hour (non-breakfast) to get seats. Well, I had somewhat of a big party (4 people) and because of Covid, they were seating all parties one seat apart. Ugh, had plenty two seaters behind me getting seated first. What can you do? It’s okay, I had nowhere else to go anyway. On to the food!

Hamburger Steak (all rice, no mac and no roll) | $14.50
hand pressed patty with gravy

Not my dish and now that I look at it, I should have told the person to just get a loco moco. Probably would have been cheaper and you can get a fried egg. Ah, what can you do?

Meat Loaf (white rice and mac salad) | $13.95
with gravy

When I come here, I either get breakfast or meat loaf. Don’t ask me why. Do I equate meat loaf with diner food? Perhaps? Just a down home American food, comfort food. I like their meatloaf. I no can finish it but it’s okay, sharing is caring.

Corned Beef Hash | $5.49
Rice (1 scoop) | $1.59
Fried Potatoes (4-5 slices) | $3.49

Got one picky eater so we had to order everything ala carte for him. It was actually cheaper to order it this way than to customize a standing dish. I never had their fried potatoes before, wasn’t sure if anyone else has so I wanted to share the picture. The potatoes were enjoyed but I was told it was just a bit bland (then again this person is a salt king) so take it with a grain of salt (literally).

4 responses to “Liliha Bakery – Honolulu, HI

  1. vickinags

    The meat loaf looks good. I should do a take out.
    but then I get cheap and think I can buy the meatloaf form Costco or Sam’s for that price. But then I gotta make more gravy

  2. jalna

    I like all the gravy. You know, I’ve never eaten there.

  3. kat

    I’ve only eaten here once but loved the atmosphere…pearl city will get a location in the future!

  4. You know, I also didn’t go there when I was younger. Not sure why because I not FOB Chinese, lol. But, maybe about 6 years ago I went to the original one with a friend who always goes there and the butter rolls were da winnah! I think I had fried chicken and I think it was really really good (I think).

    Later I went to the one in Macy’s. Was okay. The old place was just so much more homey and welcoming.

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