Liliha Bakery – Liliha, HI

Liliha Bakery is a great place for a casual diner meal. There is a new location on Nimitz Highway and I still have not tried that one out. In fact, I feel like it would be like a betrayal to the original location. Just a quick update on a recent meal I had there, it was a much better visit than past visits. The waitresses were very nice! Maybe they were happy from the glow of holidays and impending days off for New Years. I was actually getting agitated at another customer who kept raising his voice at the waitresses. I have no doubt the waitresses could hold their own though, hehe. Well, here’s the food!

150115-01Omelette with Portuguese Sausage – anything tastes good with Portuguese sausage

150115-02Meat Loaf Plate – I am like 99.9% sure the tomato salad really is served with just a big dab of mayonnaise. I still would like it if they could serve it with ranch dressing instead. Nice comfort food, I definitely enjoyed the simplicity of it all. And….who can resist their toasted rolls with their neon jelly??

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  1. N

    Off topic but I finally got my COSTCO membership today especially for the fresh beets you mentioned and they didn’t have any. Vegetable worker looked at me like ‘what???’ I said BEETS, BEETS. lol Like saying it louder would make it more understandable. Their veg area was pretty empty though – do you still buy beets there? Or has it disappeared. BTW I go to the Waipio Gentry but if town has it, I’ll go there on my town trip – Mahalo.

    • Foodluva

      I haven’t seen the beets lately but I got some last fall or so. It’s delish and easy to use in salads, so much better than canned ones.

    • Jenny

      Hi N! First of all, lol at the story. Secondly, sorry you couldn’t find the beets! Yes, I got it at the town Costco but like Foodluva said, I haven’t seen it recently. I’m wondering if it’s a seasonal offering. It’s also not located in the produce section, it was located in the cold cases with all the deli type items. I hope they stock it up soon! I will definitely post if I find it again.

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