Little Sheep Hot Pot at Home

One of my favorite restaurants is Little Sheep Hot Pot but this was pre-pandemic because they unfortunately did not survive. Sigh, where am I supposed to go for AYCE hot pot now? I loved their sauce bar and flavorful soups…and man could you get a bang for your buck with their buffet. Before they completely closed down, they became Happy Lamb Hot Pot so their Yelp page contains reviews from both their time as little sheep and happy lamb (lol).

Anyway, I was craving their soup base and while you can find it at H-Mart…it is way cheaper on Amazon if you want to purchase multiple. Okay it depends, gotta keep your eye on the prices because it fluctuates a lot. I paid $16 bucks for a 5-pack and have seen it even lower priced than that…it’s pricey right now. But here’s the link to the spicy base and the plain base. The soup bases are great, just gotta add water, boil it up and it’s ready for all your hot pot ingredients. Check it out.

Got a bunch of veggies ready to go and of course the mushrooms! Love the crunchy texture of enoki mushrooms…

The spicy soup base boiling up…

H-Mart get plenty of the pre-sliced meat for sale (and get all kind cuts too, this one is kind of lean but they have ones that are fattier too). A bit pricey…

I have never prepared tripe at home before and I never want to again. It smells so stink when you boil it. Luckily the ones they sell at the store are pretty “clean” but…ugh! The pot boiled over too and it was just a stinky mess. I mean it’s fine after you finish boiling it up as prep but it wasn’t worth the effort for me!

Okay, I gotta be honest. This whole hot pot craving was brought on from a YouTube video I watched. Yes, I watch mukbang videos sometimes but only Korean ones. I don’t know why. Anyway, she made a mala hot pot with lamb chops and it just looked so good. I couldn’t find lamb chops but found lamb loins which served it’s purpose! Satiated that craving real nice…

Added some wide cellophane noodles too…and we ate it with rice. I mean, we were real piggies that night. So good though…

8 responses to “Little Sheep Hot Pot at Home

  1. vickinags

    Even in this weather (heat), I’ve been craving hot pot too!
    kind of easy now since a lot of stores sell a tray of veggies cut specifically for hot pot and packages of different flavors of broth. Just gotta buy the meat.

    • Jenny

      Yeah you’re right! The convenience is great…but my chinese-ness prevents me from paying for the convenience. Although I am getting older and lazier and that will win out soon haha!

  2. kat

    give you props for cooking tripe AND eating hot pot in hot weather.

  3. jalna

    Uuuuu, your broth with the fat noodles look so good!

  4. Just checked it out but the 5 packs are $23.99 for plain and $29.99 for spicy. Reviews said to check Asian grocery stores instead. Yum yum yum! But no tripe for me, thank you. Yep, thank you for this great tempting review!

    • Jenny

      Ho the pricey~! Wait for it to go down in price! But probably cheaper to buy in store especially if you just buy one pack at a time!

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