Lucky Belly – Honolulu, Hawaii

Please let me start off this post with an apology.  I had taken a long break from taking pictures and posting on my blog so these pictures were part of my first “session.”  Needless to say, these pictures did not come out great.

I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful after-work dinner at Lucky Belly a few weeks back.  I had some great eats but even greater company.  I used to avoid dining in Chinatown at night because I wasn’t sure where I could park but they have so many municipal lots!  Affordable and close by, I will definitely try out more restaurants in Chinatown in the near future.


Let the lamb lumpia lure you in…


Lamb Lumpia – it tasted good!  I just didn’t feel like there was any distinctive lamb taste to it.  Just tasted like a regular spring roll with kimchee…


Lamb Lumpia – $8.00


Pork Belly Bao – $7.00


Yum, this was delish!  The bao was nice and soft.  The soft pork and the crunchy cucumber created a great combination.


Duck Breast Tataki – $9.00, duck breast with kabocha puree and raisin chutney.  Doesn’t sound like it would go right?  It did and was the hit of the night for the appetizers!

130708-7Lucky Bowl – $8.00

130708-8Beast Bowl! – $14.00, this was delicious!  I shared this with one of my friends.  It’s basically the lucky bowl but it includes brisket, short ribs and oxtail won tons.  And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.




Here are some pictures of the drinks we had.  I can’t say I would recommend what we had.  The original drink I wanted was not available so my replacement drink was already set up for disappointment.  I’m sorry I forgot the names of these drinks! 

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