Mike’s American Grill – Springfield, VA

I had a work trip to Virginia and was flown in literally for the one day meeting. Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly grateful for the travel. We were flown in late Saturday night, got in late Sunday afternoon…a meeting all day on Monday and then flown out early Tuesday morning. I honestly, never adjusted to East Coast time. In fact, I didn’t sleep at all on Monday night after the meeting. It was insane…I don’t think I’ve ever done that before (yes, I am that cool). Anyway, Monday night was the only night I had to try a restaurant so here it is! I did my research beforehand and really wanted to check Mike’s American Grill out. This restaurant was super close to the hotel so that was great and the food pics looked great…with so many high reviews! How did it go?

Complimentary Bread Basket

The two donut hole looking pastries were actually probably that? There was a thin coating of sugar on them. Okay, I looked them up, they are called Aussie Rolls! I didn’t get to the raisin (?) bread? And a nice cheese bread, we didn’t partake in this too much because we had an appetizer and entree coming!

Special Appetizer of the Day: Crab Dip with Lavash • $14.00

We were really excited to try this dip but it was pretty mediocre. The dip was a bit salty and not very “crabby,” and I don’t think the lavosh is a good accompaniment. I would have preferred a flat bread, but they seemed so open that maybe you could have requested that? I wouldn’t get this dish again.

Drunken Rib Eye • $31.00

Certified Angus Beef® marinated in our Great American Pale Ale…with mashed potatoes & roasted cremini mushrooms

Well…here is the dish we waiting for. Sounds great, looks great…nothing but high marks on their yelp page. And how was it? Oh…I had such high hopes. But guess what? It was FULL OF SALT. This restaurant was located on Backlick road, and I cracked that it was more like saltlick road, get it? I’m just full of fun to be around, trust me. The potatoes were good, the three mushrooms (lol) were good but it was really had to eat through this steak because of how salty it was. Someone had a prime rib and that looked super good…should have gotten that instead. 🙁

Field Greens Salad (comes with the Drunken Rib Eye)

with tomato, sun dried cranberries, dates, pine nuts, croutons & champagne vinaigrette…with blue cheese or Laura Chenel goat cheese, add $1

THIS WAS THE STAR OF THE NIGHT. Yes, a side salad. It was DELICIOUS. I don’t usually rave about a salad, but the level of detail in each topping was impressive. I loved that the salad came with dates and cranberries. Sorry, but where have dates been all my life? It was delicious. And the slices fresh tomatoes, they had some kind of Italian herb oil on them too. Full of flavor. So I will digress, I didn’t feel like a champagne vinaigrette and asked for ranch dressing. Their ranch dressing is like homemade, chock full of fresh herbs. Oh man, I am just salivating at this picture…over a salad. If all salads tasted like this, I’d be a vegetarian, no problem.

6 responses to “Mike’s American Grill – Springfield, VA

  1. kat

    bummer when the dishes you are looking forward to turn out to be junk…

  2. jalna

    Very funny post! I totally trust you that you’re fun to be around. LOL.

  3. Great review – where not to go except for salad!

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