Million Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

Is it Millions or Million?  I swear it was called Millions before?  No?  Anyhow, Million Restaurant has been my go to Korean restaurant for a few years now.  I enjoy them because the restaurant is clean, the service is on the most part friendly and the food is good.  The prices aren’t too shabby if you aren’t doing yakiniku.  Their parking is limited but the street parking is free after 6pm I believe.  I love their regular bi bim bap (no hot stone pot), cheaper that way and I don’t need the scorched rice.  I LOVE their Kalbi Tang (Kalbi Soup) and I also love their banchan.  Sometimes you score and get raw crab like we did this night.  I am pretty sure I am allergic to raw crab because my mouth and throat gets very itchy – but I still eat it.  I do silly things like that.  Here are the pics!


Banchan.  My favorite is the savory egg custard.  I could eat that alone and be satisfied.

130913-02Bibimbap with a side bottle of kochujjang

130913-01Kalbi Tang!  So good.  Two big kalbi rib bones, daikon, long rice, egg, thin slices of meat…you can’t go wrong.  Ahhh I want some kalbi tang…

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