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Have you ever tried Peruvian food? My first experience with it was for a dish I made for a cook-off about a year ago. I combined Rotisserie Chicken with a Peruvian Huacatay Salsa which now that I think of it, was quite a risk. I had never tried the sauce before but it came out delicious! I didn’t win the cook-off but it certainly made me a fan of Peruvian food.

Imagine my excitement when I got to try a Peruvian restaurant right here in Hawaii! Mimi’s Place is located on Keeaumoku across from Walmart, let’s check out the food!

Cancha | Peruvian Corn Nuts

Complimentary snack before your food comes out! I can’t say I’m a fan myself, I don’t like corn nuts in general. It’s a bit too hard for my liking but I think if this is your type of thing, you would love it!

Empanadas | $9.00
Home-made traditional empanadas

Mmm…empanadas. Mmm…deep fried meaty goodness. Tasted great! Interesting take? It’s topped with confectioner’s sugar. Huh? I didn’t expect that, is that a thing? I can’t say the sugar did much to influence the taste either…but it was fine!

Ceviche Barrio | $19.00
House ceviche with a spicy lime marinade. Topped with fried seafood.

I have never eaten raw mahi mahi before. I know, I know…the mahi is technically “cooked” through the acid of the ceviche. I’m still gonna say it’s raw…with swimmer’s skin…lol. I enjoyed the dish! So nice and refreshing, I would recommend it!

Seco De Carne (Lamb Style) | $21.00
Slow-cooked traditional cilantro lamb stew

This should tick all my boxes. Sorry, it didn’t. Would have loved the lamb to be fall off the bone kine tender…was kind of dry and stringy. I’m not a fan of beans so that’s off my radar there. And yes, it was $21 for that one piece of meat. Sorry, I don’t plan to order this dish again.

Arroz Con Pollo | $17.00
Traditional slow-cooked cilantro rice with chicken

YAY…okay I will say…I love that cilantro plays a big part in their cooking. For those who hate cilantro, I don’t think the cilantro flavor is strong at all. And even if there is cilantro, it’s cooked down in the dishes so you won’t get the strong raw cilantro flavor anyway. I just love braised chicken thighs…and this was nicely flavored…and cilantro rice? Well, I’ll just keep my mouth open and you can shovel it straight in. Delicious. I would recommend this dish!

Parking? Hmm, a bit tricky. I don’t think they are part of the Samsung Plaza’s vendors (that lot is a nightmare anyway!). My friend parked at Ross and decided to buy something to get validation. I am Chinese and parked at Walmart – break the rules and no have to buy anything. Hahaha just try to park more creatively (i.e. probably not first floor).

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  1. kat

    everything sounds delicious. my first time trying empanadas was from nanding’s

  2. Aloha and thanks for trying out Mimi’s! I’d love for you to come again! Name’s Giani i’m Mimi’s grandson. Also we’d gladly validate your parking at Keeaumoku Plaza.

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