Mixed Plate

Fried Saimin Combo (Garlic Shrimp) | $14.00

This Mixed Plate thing may become a weekly Friday post, gotta post these somewhere! Kau Kau Grill is located in Mapunapuna, get plenty business even though they have very little parking. I felt like some fried saimin during this lunch order and boy oh boy…did I not expect a scoop or rice and mac salad too. I mean…really? Why wouldn’t you just serve this as an all fried saimin plate? I would be okay with the same amount of shrimp, the rice and mac salad? Too much going on! The noodles and shrimp was good.

Singapore Rice Noodles | $10.50

Have you had Singapore noodles before? I never tried making it but I enjoy the light curry flavor in these noodles and all the veggies and shrimp thrown in! These skinny noodles are also one of my faves so it’s all around a great dish! I got this one from Kukui Cafe in Chinatown. Delish!

Passion Fruit Mille Crêpes | $9.00

Have you heard of Lady M? I’m most familiar with them in Asia and was excited to hear that Hawaii now has it! Waikiki Tea is a little teahouse located on Beachwalk (no parking, boo) so we ran in and grabbed a slice for ourselves! Well, I was super disappointed in my slice. The crepes tasted super dry and spongy. It was definitely not worth $9. I think these get shipped into Hawaii and well, it tasted like it was shipped to Hawaii. Do not recommend.

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  1. kat

    whoa! carbs on that first place…bummer about that cake…

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