Mixed Plate Friday

I went to Las Vegas in April, I’ll share some pictures soon although it felt like eons ago. Also, I came back from Vegas with Covid. I guess not everything that happens in vegas stays in vegas. Well, no one wore their mask in Vegas and every time a door opened, I got such a strong smell of pakalolo that I think perhaps I would have tested positive for it had a drug test been administered.

Anyway, obviously Trader Joe’s was an absolute must. This Cacio E Pepe sauce was kind of all the rage back in April so I got it. It’s not worth it. Don’t waste your time, luggage space and like chance of it exploding in your luggage. It’s super bland – it’s basically an alfredo sauce. Just go eat alfredo at a restaurant, it’ll probably be way better.

That’s me trying to make it look better with some steak. Also, these are not udon noodles – they are the special pasta that is like a thicker spaghetti and it’s hollow. Bucatini! That’s what they are called. Anyway, thumbs down.

Speaking of covid, during the last government free giveaway of covid tests – I placed my order and got this. I never got this brand before AND they only sent me two of these and these boxes only contain one test each. I was supposed to get 8 total tests! Well I submitted an inquiry with USPS and they took a while but came through and sent me my brand new 8 tests.

I wanted to post this because this test is AWFUL. If you ever have to buy a test, don’t buy this one. First of all, you can only use this test if you download an app on your phone and the app requires you to give your personal information. I hate that. Then, you see the testing stick on the box? It works as a bluetooth to your phone so basically you can’t touch your phone for 15 minutes because it is being used for the test result. It is all so stupid. And guess what? In the end, it tells me they couldn’t figure out a result with my test. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME. Anyway, I already have the app and have one more of these dumb tests left. Don’t use these.

Goteborg Musubi

My friend kindly shared some slices of goteborg sausage with me. If you didn’t know, the best place to buy it is at Times. They will slice it to the size you specify. Also, they tend to put these sausages on sale during big holidays so keep a look-out. I never cooked these before but it is really so simple and you definitely don’t need oil to heat it up. So fast and easy. The boys loved it cause it’s like eating crispy pepperoni – just add some hot rice and furikake on top and you’re good to go.

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Yay! Mixed plate Fridays is back! Just as good as Safeway’s $5 Friday!
    I love Goteborg sausage but always amazed at the amount of fat that comes iout when cooking…more that spam! Yup, and musubi is the bomb.

    • Jenny

      Hahaha idk if it’s as good as safeway $5 Fridays but I will take that compliment! Yes the amount of fat that renders out whole frying is kind of scary but also tastes good lol!

  2. kat

    ugh that test sounded horrors! hope you don’t have any long haul stuffs. goteborg…love!

  3. jalna

    My son just came back from Vegas. I was thinking guarantee he’ll catch Covid. So far he’s okay. He’s been home for 3 days.

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