Jalgachi – Honolulu, HI

I am too lazy to look now but I am pretty sure I have posted Jalgachi before. They are still the top makers of bossam in my opinion, if there is a better restaurant out there, please let me know! I came in for lunch about 2 months ago, food was still delicious. Prices have gone up, but where haven’t prices gone up? Their Yelp business hours have not been updated but they are closed on Wednesdays – FYI! We learned the hard way.

Bossam (Steamed Pork with Oyster) | $37.99

Yes, it’s pricey but it’s so worth. I really love that they season the pork so well. The oysters and the mixture beneath? *chef’s kiss* It’s just the perfect dish. Honestly, I could eat this as my entire meal. Not that I should. (Let me live!)

Complimentary Banchan

They used to give you six dishes of banchan – I guess covid has changed things a bit. And it seems like these are the mainstays – they used to vary up the banchans.

Bibimbap (Brunch Special) | $13.99

Actually, my friend and I shared the bossam and bibimbap. It worked out perfectly, we pigged out but didn’t overstuff ourselves. We had two Korean men dining next to us and both of them constantly left their table to go outside to smoke. They really slowly ate and drank…super slowly. Good thing it wasn’t that busy.

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  1. vickinags

    I usually get the bossam as take out. Sure doesn’t do it justice in take out containers, LO, but at least taste is still there.
    I wonder if Frog House does a good one. I saw pictures online and it looked good. But…..

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