Mixed Plate Friday

Maple Dijon Crunch Chopped Salad Kit | $2.98

You can find this salad mix at Sam’s Club. I don’t know if I shared this but I’ve been a Sam’s Club fiend for the last two years or so. It’s just an easier place for me to get in and out of for groceries and they have cool seasonal stuff and a lot more brands. Another plus? Super cheap salad mixes! I saw this last week and had to get it to try!

Well, it’s not bad but not great. Diced Apples? More like apple wedges. I mixed the entire salad together and tried it – to me it was a bit too sweet. So I removed the apples as I ate because I didn’t need it to be doubly sweet. I just noticed the salad mix has chicken in it and I could barely taste/feel chicken pieces. Hmm…buy at your own risk.

Mini Chicken Katsu Curry | $8.95

I finally got it Jalna! This time, Liliha Drive Inn gave me the right order! Pretty big portion for a mini. It tasted great and my craving was satisfied. Do I want it again…?? I’ll be good for now and hold off.

Wife Cake | Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery

Sorry I don’t have the price. They don’t have an online website and when I am in there ordering – I feel like pressured out to get my order in quick and get out. They always have a line but I lucked out on my visit when I got there I didn’t have to stand in line but boy did a line grow when I was ordering. Have you folks had wife cake before? I remember this from my childhood when my aunts got married, I guess it’s traditional to have these for weddings? How would I explain this? It’s like a Chinese style manju. I remember when I was a kid, I liked the wife cake and always wondered if I would like it now.

I don’t. Well not this one anyway. I wasn’t a fan of this filling, they called it the traditional wife cake. I saw other varieties but I decided to go for the traditional one since I figured that’s what I had before. I shared with my coworkers and one of them said it was a bit like fruit cake. I remember the one I had as a kid almost had a savory sweet filling. Maybe it was a different bakery? Different filling? I really can’t say.

10 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    LOL, I was all set to pick up that salad from my next trip to Sam’s until I read your post.
    I’m one of those rarities that don’t like katsu curry.from most places. The breading on the katsu smothered with curry just is weird to me and I love curry and I love katsu. Go figure,
    Ooooh, I love wedding cake and your description sounds like the one I like the best, hahaha.
    Sing Cheong Yuen is open way later than the other places so if I kind of know what I want, I place a phone order for afternoon pickup and then add on whatever I see in the case, if any left, that is and if you don’t need it for lunch, hahaha.

    • Jenny

      Hahaha oh no! What if you like the salad yourself??

      You should get the chix katsu curry and ask for the curry on the side, conflict resolved!

      I wish Sing Cheong had a comprehensive list of items on their instagram or something so I know what I could phone order in?? They have so much stuff in the case that I feel frazzled when it’s my turn!

  2. kat

    never had wife cake, but it does sound interesting, hope you can find the type you had as a child

  3. jalna

    Yay!!! I like Sam’s Chopped Salad, especially for the good price. I never tried the apple one.

  4. kat

    ps I just looked online…have you tried lee’s? they have a wedding cake, not wife cake, might be same?!

  5. Ooooh. Lee’s Bakery….. I lucked out and bought a day old custard pie for $18 and it was SO ono! If I had seen your post first I would have asked about wife cakes. The lady taking our order had a beautiful jade pendant on. I love jade.

    • Jenny

      You folks are making me want to check out Lee’s Bakery sooner rather than later! Maybe I should get their pie before thanksgiving because of those LINES! Jade is beautiful.

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