Mixed Plate Friday

Just no.

Edomae Nigiri Sushi (9pcs) | $11.49

I got this set from Nijiya Market, I say this is a pretty good price for the sushi set! Tasted great, and yes, that’s oyster right there! Would definitely recommend this!

Yakisoba (Fried Noodle) | $7.49

Another dish from Nijiya and yet another winner dish! I enjoyed it!

For any Yoku Moku lovers out there, I saw this display at Nijiya University! No need to wait for Neiman Marcus and now no more Shirokiya (sad face).

Okay last share is purely silly, I’ve talked about my love of miniatures and found this cute miniature Yeti Cooler from a crafter online. I put the cooler onto my miniature cart from Daiso….but wait!

I added my cute Rement drinks into the cooler and yes…THERE ARE ICE CUBES INSIDE. It’s the little things (literally) that bring a smile to my face, it’s okay to surround yourself with things that make you happy. Happy Friday!!!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Even though Nijiya is on the pricey side, it is my favorite, especially when it’s only 2.5 mi from my house when I feel like a weekend walk. Plus save money cuz gotta lug it back home. I usually carry a soft insulated cooler with a baggie of ice in a backpack in case I buy something that needs it.
    That yeti cooler and cart are adorable!

    • Jenny

      That’s the only thing, I love walking around Manoa too but yeah, hard to buy stuff to carry around and back. Too bad my yeti cooler no can fit it. Hehehe

  2. jalna

    I haven’t been to Nijiya in ages. I think it’s time I go check it out. Your miniatures are soooo cute!

  3. kat

    that cart brings back memories of my lion coffee demo days

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