Mixed Plate Friday

Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix | $7.00

I never heard of this Sweet Sentiments but they had a pop-up at Nordstrom last weekend so I decided to support local! It’s pretty good! It does have a bit of a kick to it and she uses stuff I like to eat, love the little goldfish too lol

Shoyu Chicken Mozzy | $5.50
homemade aromatic shoyu chicken laced with kewpie mayo, topped with thin sliced sweet onions, crowned with melty mozzarella

I’ve been wanting to try Coco’s Cravings 808’s baked goods for a while now! Always salivate when she posts her sales. She had a pop-up at Nordstrom last weekend so I got to try it! How was it? Well to be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed. It was $5.50 for this bun, it wasn’t bad but definitely not great you know? I still would love to try her pepperoni one and the cinnamon bun was pretty good!

Sorry, I got this image off the internet and not sure who the owner is. If it’s you, please let me know and I can credit you. Remember this building? It brings a smile to my face when I see this picture, it’s bittersweet. I’m so sad to see Keeaumoku turn into high-rise central, we lost so many of our favorite businesses. On the left, you see Jae-il Video, I used to love going there as a high schooler. You see, I was super into K-pop in high school so I used to take the bus to this shop to rent VHS (yeah I’m old, so wat) of the music shows. The Korean ahjumma thought it was cute that this chinese girl who couldn’t speak Korean would come in to rent tapes. She would always greet me so warmly and they would even give me free Korean magazines and posters (I WAS IN HEAVEN – THAT WAS LIKE GOLD TO ME). I hope that family is doing well nowadays.

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    man, rarely go to Ala Moana nowdays unless it’s just to dash in for something specific. No longer spending hours, walking up and down, mauka to makai. Missed some awesome popup in Nordstrom lately, but Nordstrom itself is so junk now cuz they really push online shopping. I need to touch and see what I buy, not buy then touch and see.
    totally forgot about that building…the restaurant was pretty good too. Down with the developers getting rid of Koreamoku!!!

    • Jenny

      Ahhh we do after work walks around ala moana so I go but don’t really shop. I just zoom past people lol. I’ve taken a lot of clothing purchase risks through Amazon, thank god they have a great return policy!

      And yes! Enough with the high rise condos!!!!

  2. kat

    sad that whole area is changed now

  3. I HATE how our old Hawaii is changing to glass highrises that block out the sun. Taking away our warmth and aloha.

    At least the city planners did a good job in Downtown. They required that the tops of buildings created interesting skylines – so from afar, Downtown looks great.

    • Jenny

      It’s really sad. Nothing feels like before. I think that’s why I am more and more willing to move away. Locals being priced out. They did good job with downtown and idk the plan in ala moana. I don’t see how the current infrastructure (sewer system) can handle all these new huge condos!

  4. jalna

    Cute your K-pop story!

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