Mixed Plate Friday

Chan bought this and was going to put away before saying to me, this is something you can’t eat. Is that a challenge? I asked why and he said, it’s actually spicy. GIVE ME A CHANCE! Yeah, I can’t handle spicy that well anymore. Do you see the corner? It says Korean Spicy. They trying to tell you, they not playing around folks.

Uhhh yeah it was spicy. My brother was like…it was just like shin ramen. LIES. It’s way spicier! I did eat a few bites and my face didn’t drip so let’s call it a win okay?

Strawberry Tanghulu | $4.99 (per skewer)

Yoajung was pretty smart to capitalize on this trend. I’m surprised they are the only place that sells this? At least that I know of. Do you know any other places that sell it? It’s a pain to make, I’ve made it before. But man, I saw it on social media again and just wanted to eat it. They have a long line but the line moves super fast. The tanghulu is already made in the fridge, when they run out, they run out. These are not made to order. I wanted the mandarin orange one but they were out.

How was it? Well, it tastes like strawberries coated with sugar, lol. It’s exactly what you would expect. Well since our strawberries are more sour than sweet, it’s a nice balance. The sugar isn’t too thick or hard so I don’t think you will break any teeth. Was nice to try, a bit pricey but it was a nice little treat!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    we tried those candied strawberries in Shanghai. Someting like candied apple but the coating was brittle, not sticky. I guess you have to grow up with them. Wait, maybe wasn’t even strawberries but some kind of small red fruit.

  2. I like things a bit spicy but not too spicy. If I buy ramen that says “spicy” I put less of the sauce packet. Lately I just bought a 4 pack of Jin Ramen Mild Gout Doux that was on sale at Palama market. The cashier and another worker said that was their favorite. It was pretty good! I have no idea what Gout Doux is, though.

    • Jenny

      That’s smart! And putting less seasoning is less sodium too. I gotta try that mild gout doux…although the name is off putting haha!

  3. Kat

    saw the dodgers trying this in seoul, looks like the same as the foods seen at matsuri here

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