Mixed Plate Friday

This post is forreal mixed plate, not even all food.

Fruit Chichi Dango | $3.99
strawberry, mochi flour, sugar, milk, red bean, custard

Been seeing this all over social media and just had to get it. This is from Kansai Yamato located in Moanalua 99 (former Ranch 99). I figured I should go to the source to get it.

Struggled to get a side view for you. First of all, you should keep this refrigerated. I didn’t realize it was custard on top at first so I kept it out for a bit and boy oh boy did it get melty and messy. Good news is that I did throw the second one in the fridge…ate it the next day and the mochi was still melt the mouth soft. This was a delicious treat! I would definitely get it again!

Clockwise from top left: Baked Char Siu Manapua, Taro Cake, Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gow), Siu Mai, Half Moon

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery has been around forevers and they always have a long line in Chinatown. Now that we’re heading towards Moon Festival time (September), might be either best to avoid this place or place a phone order in because they are going to be super busy with moon cake orders. If you can believe it, I haven’t tried their dim sum before. I don’t know what it is, I guess if I’m going to be in Chinatown, I’m just going to eat at a Chinese restaurant you know?

So how does it compare? If you’re local to Hawaii and I say local style pork hash, I bet you know what I’m talking about right? The kind you can get from the manapua man….very different from the kind you get from a dim sum restaurant. Now while Sing Cheong’s siu mai looks more “local” style, I actually want to give it more credit and say it’s a balance between the manapua man siu mai and dim sum siu mai.

Baked Char Siu Manapua – Very good, I think Royal Kitchen is a near competitor but I will give this one to Sing Cheong.
Taro Cake – Hmm, no thank you. I’m used to homestyle taro cake which is very thin. I don’t know why taro cakes are so huge in these shops…to me it’s like eating a big lump of dough.
Har Gow – These are winners. They really do stuff it full of shrimp, nice skin too.
Siu Mai – Better than local style, still not as good as dim sum siu mai.
Half Moon – Good but not memorable. Nothing special.

A silly project I had a month ago. Shucks, wish I remembered to take a side picture of this. It’s actually Pikachu on the side. Such a cute vending machine, the bottom draw opens but the machine doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just super cute and it was super annoying to build…hahaha. This was over 2000 pieces and they were like super small pieces. I was obsessed to finish and am super happy with it. I have it proudly displayed at work. Apparently there is like a whole bunch of Asian building block sets that oh so gently copies Lego sets…for less money of course. Have a great weekend folks!

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Sing Cheong Yuen is my go to place every since the demise of Char Hun Sut. I love their har gow and half moon, and both baked and steamed manapua. I used to love the Char Hun Sut taro cake so don’t think Sing Cheong Yuen is as good…has to be thick so you can get the big chunks of taro, LOL.
    Their rice cake is good too.
    Thanks for reminding me about moon festival…got caught in a 30 minute line last year. Not fun.

    • Jenny

      Hahaha okay okay, I guess taro lovers love the “TICK” taro cakes! I will give them that. If I could reopen Char Hung Sut, I would…just need the Chinese ladies they had making the dim sums in the front of the shop. Oh man, I stopped by Chinatown fast kind this morning before 7AM and Sing Cheong already had one line!

  2. kat

    dim sum miss eating it… will definitely get some after this pandemic

  3. jalna

    Whenever I see cute miniatures I think of you and your talent for building them.

  4. Waaah! Char Hun Sut is closed for good? Too sad.

    Your miniature vending machine is awesome! Cannot sneeze when you are working on it, right?

    • Jenny

      I am super super sad about Char Hung Sut being permanently closed too. I loved being able to go before work and ordering my gon lo mein and half moon…and was always amazed and how fast he could do the math in his head!

      lol you are right, no can sneeze while working on this thing. I would have pulled my hair out trying to find the small pieces!!!

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