Mixed Plate Friday

Happy Aloha Friday! If you’re like me, you may be laying about today because it is a holiday! Sometimes it pays to be a state worker yeah? Can’t complain when we get the holidays off. Time for a mixed plate post!

I took this picture of Waikiki a few months back, I believe it was in September? Pretty crazy shot right, broad daylight and not a soul around. Real pandemic shot. Well if you go out now, it’s like a pandemic is not around anymore. There are so many tourists and people out and about, let’s not go backwards people!

Random donut post. These are my favorite donuts right now and you can find these at 7-11, I hope they still have it! Sometimes they are sold out so I haven’t had them in quite a while…I like them because the dough is not too dense and the glaze is not too sweet or overpowering. I even prefer these over Krispy Kreme (which are nice and soft but too sweet).

Can you tell what I’m doing here? I bought little mini canvas boards…applied strips of painter’s tape to create an abstract pattern. Before I started with colors, I painted the entire thing with white paint (supposed to help with keeping clean lines). Then I randomly added a few coats of color.

Be patient enough to let it dry a few hours and get the satisfaction of peeling off the painter’s tape. I had a few touch-up areas for white paint but overall, I am pleased with how it came out! I have this proudly displayed in my office which one no one sees because I am all alone there, lol. Yes, I have a mini easel (duh).

8 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. Vickinags

    someone in my office recently mentioned starbucks oatcakes. Do you know that they don’t sell them anymore? I rarely go to starbucks so didn’t know. BUT they are now sold at 7-11. AND for less than half the price starbucks used to sell them $2.09!!!!!

    • Jenny

      Oh man! I remember when I used to work there…we used to sell those…and people loved it! I think we joked that it looked like horse food. But now I like try it again…will check it out when I’m at 7-11 next!

  2. Arlene

    Unbelievable how deserted Waikiki was for a while! Now you can’t walk 10 feet without encountering a mask-less person or group, yuck!

    I believe those doughnuts are made by good ol’ Patisserie. Remember their bakeries at Kahala Mall and Waikiki before?

    No shame in having a personal gallery for yourself. Daiso also has plastic display cases/boxes for your 3D creations.

    • Jenny

      Omg Arlene, have you been to Alas lately? It’s really nuts how many people there are. No wonder the covid numbers are growing again.

      Oh yes! Patisserie! They no longer have their own storefront yeah? Wish they would so I can get these donuts direct lol.

      Daiso is always sold out of display cases! I love Daiso so much.

  3. jalna

    Love your artwork!

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