Restaurant Suntory – Honolulu, HI

I’ve always walked past Restaurant Suntory to walk to Cheesecake Factory (lol) but never tried the restaurant. I always saw the tenppanyaki side but don’t care much for that style of dining…didn’t realize they actually have a washoku side for dining too! Yay, let’s see how it went…

Okay, I honestly forgot what both drinks were. Hahaha, but the fruity one is mine and I ordered it virgin. Was good, I felt like one tourist kid. Good times.

Ebi Shinjo | $12.00
deep fried shrimp cake

Was good, nothing spectacular. I liked the fried shishito pepper on the side. I still prefer the shrimp cake from Katsumidori Sushi.

Sweet Potato Tempura | $7.00

I liked this dish. Well, I like sweet potato and tempura so what could go wrong. I would order this again!

Salmon Sashimi | $16.00

Surprisingly good! They have good quality salmon, would order again!

Wafu Steak Gozen | $34.00
5 oz. sirloin with sesame miso sauce (includes green salad, rice, and miso soup)

Sorry, I didn’t get the picture of the whole set. This wasn’t my dish but I was told this dish was WINNAHS. Great seasoning on the steak.

Unagi Kabayaki | $14.00
broiled eel basted with kabayaki sauce

What was I thinking this night? I decided to order small. I don’t know if you can tell by the picture but this unagi bowl was like small. Like keiki size small. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but…small.

Cold Ume Somen | $7.50
thin somen noodles in cold ume dashi soup

Here is the other half of my entree, I decided to try their cold ume somen. I don’t even like ume so what prompted me to try this? Well, I think I am warming up to ume so…I really wanted to try this. It was good! It was a huge ume to eat but…I guess I gotta transition over to ume lover somehow. Nice and refreshing.

Tempura Ice Cream | $5.00
deep fried vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry liquor sauce

I don’t know why but I expected tempura ice cream balls, you know? Like balls of ice cream individually battered and fried. The waitress kept asking if we wanted the strawberry liquor sauce on the side…I thought it was stemming from me asking for a virgin drink in the beginning. Well we said it was fine to just put it on top and now I kind of wish we didn’t. The sauce sits on the tempura and makes it all soggy…I think the sauce would be better to maybe dip into right before eating. The sauce was good! Wish the tempura ice cream didn’t get soggy.

So how was it? Pretty good all in all! They have a pretty big variety of menu items to choose from. I don’t know the whole restaurant layout but the washoku side of dining was pretty small. If you go here, I would highly recommend making a reservation. Give them a try!

6 responses to “Restaurant Suntory – Honolulu, HI

  1. vickinags

    never been there too because some people refuse to go to Waikiki.
    Totally intrigued by that ume noodle. Everything looks ono!

    • Jenny

      The only good news is, they are so close to the parking structure, you don’t really have to walk around Waikiki to eat and get out! Try em one day!

  2. kat

    haven’t eaten there in ages! glad to hear they are still around

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