Mixed Plates

Just a quick update of a few plates we had from dinner one night. Got lazy and drove to two different places to pick up dinner to satisfy different appetites.

140606-01Two piece Jollibee’s┬áPlate – we got double mash. The little white container contains more gravy…I don’t know what for. The chicken itself is seasoned already so I wouldn’t use the gravy. I got to try a taste of the chicken and I thought it was pretty good! Fried crisp and it had pretty good seasoning in the meat too! I wouldn’t mind trying a plate of my own next time.

140606-03Hamburger Steak plate from Richie’s Drive Inn. The first time I’ve tried it here, wasn’t a fan. This time I was. Pretty good! Their mac salad is good too.

140606-02Richie’s Chili Dog Plate, it comes with a small soda as well. It looks like they raised the price. It used to be $5 something but now it’s $6, still a great deal if you ask me!


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