Monsarrat Ave Shave Ice – Diamond Head, HI

To follow up on yesterday’s post, I tried out the Shave Ice placed located right outside of Pioneer Saloon! Monsarrat Ave Shave Ice is literally in the alley between Pioneer Saloon and another place. Very small place and of course located outdoors. Not much place to sit and eat, but it’s okay – just grab your shave ice and go!

141231-01Miniatures <3. This is definitely a way to my heart.

141231-02Cute little cactus plants – I wish I could get my cacti to flower.

141231-03Their syrups are all homemade and they taste great. I got the a mango and lilikoi mix for my shave ice. I actually enjoyed the lilikoi much more than the mango. In the end, it all mixed together anyway and became a good slurpee. Very cute place and great shave ice, give it a try if you’re in the area!

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