Pioneer Saloon – Diamond Head, HI

I saw a picture of a Pioneer Saloon plate lunch on instagram and knew I had to check them out for myself! In fact, I ran out on my lunch break the next day to give them a try! They are located pretty close to my work place and luckily for me, we went fairly early so there was a parking spot open. I think they have a total of 3 stalls and it is VERY tight and you better like parallel parking. This a Japanese style plate lunch joint and is very cute and quaint! They even have a small little boutique section.

Do not bring your pre-conceived notion of what a plate lunch is to this place. They definitely serve quality over quantity and I really enjoyed it! I was very surprised at the lightness of my plate when I grabbed it but the contents made up for it! Let’s take a look!






Miso Butterfish- $13

141230-06This was Linda’s plate, she was not impressed. For $13, I don’t blame her.

141230-07Deep Fried Baby Tako – $11


Substitute Shiso Rice – 50ยข (Delish!)

141230-08This was delicious! Yes, this was my plate. And yes, I enjoyed eating every single one of those babies…lol. It was very good, I would definitely get it again. I think if I return, I’d like to try a meat dish. Maybe the beef tongue…stay tuned!

2 responses to “Pioneer Saloon – Diamond Head, HI

  1. Arlene

    Whoa, that’s a huge menu! How did you ever decide what to eat?! The baby tako looked yummy. I’m curious about the pasta salad, how did it taste?

    I’m glad you have time to blog more often!

    • Jenny

      Oh Arlene, I swear I stood in front of that menu for so long. But baby tako just stood out at me! Their hamburger steak sounds like a winner so I’d like to give that a try sometime too!

      The pasta salad was alright, nothing special. From what I can remember, a bit vinegary too. Thanks for continuing to read my blog! I’ll try to keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

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