More Dim Sum

I must be really trying to prove I’m Chinese.  I went to eat Dim Sum again!  So I just wanted to share a quick pic of the spread we got..



The usual fare for dim sum.  Do you see the fingers peeking out from the right?  Yup, that’s chicken feet.  Do you eat chicken feet?  I know a lot of people who steer clear of it.  For me, I’ve been fed chicken feet since I was a kid so I only learned what it was after the fact.  So…I do like it.  I have to admit if I wasn’t force fed this as a child I would probably never touch the stuff today.  It is really delicious and the way they prepare it for dim sum is so savory!  You’ve gotta try it at least once!


  1. jenny says:

    lol…you won’t know until you try! But I understand you not wanting to eat it. Now I realize we’re eating what they walk on and Idk how clean that is…yikes…

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