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Mott 32 was one of the most highly anticipated meals for Vegas. Chan knows my love for Roast Duck so we made a reservation here. It’s quite pricey and if you order the duck, you have to put in the order in advance. The restaurant is very fancy – almost felt weird eating Chinese food in such a fancy place (lol).

Fancy accompaniments for the Roast Duck. They swirl the sauce at the table, it’s pretty cool! I believe that’s sesame paste and hoisin sauce, hoisin sauce and then brown sugar at the bottom.

Stonecutters (Mocktail) | $12.00
passion fruit / miso honey / lemon verbena / plum

Ehh, this drink was just alright. Sounds better than it tasted.

Traditional Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumplings | $14.00

A nice starter! Can’t go wrong with XLB…

Signature Crispy Sugar-Coated Charcoal Pork Buns | $16.00

Look at how fancy these are. And the name of the dish – wowowow. But can I say something? It was worth the hype, these were so good. The sugar crust on top balanced the pork filling so well. I really enjoyed this dish!

Look at the red filling, reminds me of home!

Barbecue Iberico Pork, Yellow Mountain Honey | $68.00
Each cut of pork comes from top-grade Iberian pigs that are raised on a diet of acorns, grass and herbs, giving the meat a soft and succulent quality that is further emphasised by the traditional roasting methods employed by our barbecue chefs. A light glaze of Yellow Mountain Honey is brushed over the pork to finish, adding a final sweet and rich touch.

Okay, no look at the price. Yes, it’s basically char siu. Was it good? How can it not be? It was delicious! This is a limited daily dish so you have to pre-order it. Super good but was it worth $68? Hmm…

Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck “Mott 32 Cut” | $128.00
Mott 32 has carefully sourced and selected the best ducks to create the most flavorful and perfectly crispy duck. Our Signature 42 day Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck is carved using a unique technique developed by our Culinary Team that locks in all the juices making it a true feast fit for royalty as it was intended. It is served tableside with freshly steamed pancakes, thinly sliced cucumber, scallions, raw cane sugar, and house-made special hoisin sauce; the juicy cucumber will allow a refreshing lift as you bite into the crispy, moist, and smoky duck skin.

I had to paste their own description of the duck so you folks can look past the price tag lol. It’s a beautiful duck. They carve it for you table side and you get all the nice crackly skin and the tender meat morsels.

Freshly Steamed Pancakes

Duck Skin sprinked with Brown Sugar

No worries, it was much more than this plate. They just sliced off the best of the skin for us to make our peking buns with.

Minced Duck Fried Rice | $28.00

You also have the option for them to create a second course with the rest of the duck meat. Either a peking style spicy crispy duck rack or fried rice. We went with the fried rice. I’m not sure what the first style would be. The carcass deep fried? I don’t know. But this was good because it served as the carb for our meal.

Wok-fried Snow Pea Tips | $32.00
with minced garlic

Whew everything is expensive here. But snow pea tips are hard to find which also explains the price tag. Needed some greens to balance our all the meat! Was good!

Mott 32 was a good experience. Our waitress was a bit pushy, the guys still had their alcohol glasses half full and she kept trying to push for another drink. That soured the experience for us a little bit. Mott 32 is an international brand so I’m excited to try this place in Asia! I find that restaurant in Asia tend to be better. Yummy! For now, I am content with getting my roast duck and char siu fix from Chinatown.

6 responses to “Mott 32 – Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. vickinags

    How thin did they cut the duck? I remember in Beijing, the restaurants advertised how many slices they could get from the duck. I love snow pea shoots!
    I already though Uuuuu, I will go to Chinatown to buy roast duck but the power failure… favorite is Fongs in Oahu Market but was dangerous because I pass the lychee and longan.

    • Jenny

      They cut the skin pretty thin. The actual pieces of meat were pretty thin too. I think they used the rest of the meat for the fried rice which we had to pay for extra hahaha.

      I gotta try fongs. Nam fong used to be my jam back in the day, get the lychee! It’s once a year!

  2. kat

    wow! pricey but everything sounded great

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