New Wing

Have you folks been to the new wing at Ala Moana yet? It’s quite beautiful to look at, but not much to browse through. The stores that are currently open don’t really appeal to me and I guess almost half of the stores to be opened have not yet. I took these pictures a few weeks ago right before the frenzy of holiday shopping and they had the decorations up already! Oh how I will miss Christmas. I am happy that we still have cooler weather though!



A lot of nice sitting areas! I walked by this weekend and there was a performer on the stage which was nice.

160105-02Okay, so what’s up with this? On many occasions, I’ve seen kids playing with the koi fish. Literally. I’ve seen kids petting the koi fish which I am sure is unhygienic for both the child and the fish. I don’t know if you see it in this picture but the kid in the gray shirt is poking the fish with a stick! And what do the parents do? Just sit there. No reprimanding at all! Gosh, where is the respect nowadays? The parents should be teaching it! If not, how are the kids going to learn? Ah vent over. Hope all is well.

3 responses to “New Wing

  1. jalna

    WOW!! So beautiful! Is this the Sears end? I feel disoriented.

    • Jenny

      Yes it is! If you start from the middle of the mall, it is so weird to see how long the mall has gotten…you should really check it out. I went this past Saturday and it was empty because everyone is probably broke from the holidays…hehe…

  2. N

    Went there about a month after Bloomie’s opened. Like Neiman’s nothing I could afford or want. $100 t-shirts. To me the new stores there look like a different take on the other stores already existing. The new gen must make lots of money to be able to afford the merchandise. Even the bakery nearby looked so pricey but it was filled with customers. I feel Ala Moana caters to an upscale group and tourists. I went to Pearlridge recently and there it was a place I could afford and enjoyed.

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