Ireh Restaurant – Keeaumoku, HI

Ireh Restaurant is one of my favorite Korean restaurants. They recently opened a new spot in McCully Shopping Center but I prefer the Keeaumoku location, the original. We did try to check out the McCully location but they have a very different menu from the other location. The biggest change I noticed from McCully is that they do not carry jook (congee), not quite sure why. I bet McCully has a bigger kitchen even! Just wanted to share food from a recent trip.


Pickled Onion and Daikon – it’s delicious! Sweet and crunchy. No raw onion bite at all.

160107-02Homemade Kimchee Cabbage. Delish!

160107-03Pan-Fried Dumpling – $11.95

I love their mandoo, it’s stuffed full with filling and delicious. I always try to order this when I go there!


160107-05Rabokki (Topokki + Ramen) – $11.95

So delicious. They do their topokki dish perfectly and you can request for less spicy if needed. I think we asked for mild this time but if I was alone, I would go for spicy.


160107-07Rice Topped with Mushroom – $12.95

This was definitely the surprise dish of the day. We have never had this before but it was so delicious. They have at least three different types of mushrooms in this dish. This dish was light but flavorful over a perfect bed of rice. I can’t wait to order this again.

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  1. jalna

    Oooooh, I think they have DA BEST mandoo! So big and so filled. I used to like their Korean shaved ice too. But it’s been awhile since I’ve had um . . . cause you know . . . too fattening . . . DAMMIT.

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