Orecchiette with Kale

I’ve been looking at my blog the past few days and could have swore I had scheduled out updates all week!  So then I realized I had got all my pictures ready for posting but hadn’t actually done any write-ups.  Sorry!  It’s been crazy busy at work and next week will be even worst so I need to really schedule some things up for posting this weekend.  I wanted to share something I made about two weeks back.  I’ve been trying to cook lunch for work to save money and in hopes of eating healthier!  Here is a dish I made out of orecchiette, anchovies, kale, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and pork meatballs.  I’m really getting into kale just cooked down in a dish.  Kale chips, I’ll pass on those.

Anyhow, the dish came out great!  I don’t put too much seasonings so some may think it’s a bit bland but I really enjoyed it.  I also felt like this dish kept me full a lot longer.  It was great.  I will definitely try to make it again!


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