Pongo’s Kitchen – Honolulu, HI

We did a lunch order for the office this past week!  Since I had to run an errand in Kalihi, Pongo’s Kitchen was the perfect choice!  Have you folks tried this place before?  Great plate lunch spot that is frequented by a lot of construction workers, that’s a pretty good sign that this place is good.  Kalihi remains the mecca for some mean hole in the wall grinds.  Let’s get to the pictures already!  A lot of pictures are coming, you have been warned.

131121-01Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich with Lemon Caper Sauce – $6.00.  FYI – they don’t serve french fries here.  My coworker thought this sandwich was delicious!


Regular Roasted Chicken Thighs with Spicy Shoyu Vinegar Plate – $7.75.  Winners!  My cousin goes nuts for this plate and my coworker enjoyed it too!  They run out of this early so put your order in before you go!


Baked Ahi and Sesame Chicken Combo Plate – $8.50, the coworker who got this didn’t enjoy the chicken too much.  He said it was a bit dry and overcooked.


Baked Ahi and Guava Chicken Plate – $8.50.  This was definitely the most popular order for the day.  Everyone who got it seemed to like it a lot!  I’ll bet it is one of their best sellers!

131121-05Mini Grilled Salmon with Spicy Butter Plate – $6.00 – another winner!

131121-06Regular Roast Turkey with Homemade Stuffing – $7.75.  FYI – they don’t have mashed potatoes.  Two people ordered this!  It was enjoyed.  🙂

131121-07Regular Grilled Opakapaka with Ginger Green Onion Sauce Plate – $8.75.  I haven’t received a verdict on this yet but how could you go wrong??  Looks so good…


Regular Grilled Prime New York Strip Steak with Spicy Shoyu Vinegar Onion Sauce Plate – $8.25.  Delicious!  This was my plate – it really hit the spot!  

They offer corn, mac or toss salad as the side.  The corn is fresh corn, not canned!  Yummy.  I wish we worked by Kalihi, we could do more lunch runs there! Word of warning, they have no parking so it’s definitely grab and go.  Best to bring someone with you.

2 responses to “Pongo’s Kitchen – Honolulu, HI

  1. matsu

    Wow! All looks ono! Only one plate got white rice (not brown)! I would choose that too! – matsu

  2. lol the plate with white rice is mine. Haha!

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