Pretz – Okonomiyaki

I wish Pretz would release all their weird flavors here in Hawaii.  Or let me back up, I wish Japan would release all their weird everything here in Hawaii.  I get such a laugh out of some of their products.  Maybe it’s more that I wish Don Quijote would just ship them in!  My coworker gave me a box of these Pretz to try and boy are they interesting.  Okonomiyaki flavor!  So how did they taste?  Surprisingly, a lot like okonomiyaki!  But an aritificial okonomiyaki taste, maybe like how a sauce packet for an instant okonomiyaki would taste like.  Very concentrated flavor.


131113-02Flavors from left to right: Wasabi, Okonomiyaki, Ichigo (Strawberry), Jyagabadaa (Japanese for baked potato!), Mentaiko, and Takoyaki!  Which flavor would you want to taste most?


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