Kunio Restaurant – Waikele, HI

Kunio Restaurant is a great Japanese restaurant located in Waikele Shopping Center.  If you go during the weekends, you will see a long line at both ends – Genki and Kunio.  Kunio is a great restaurant in Waikele and honestly, the dining options are slim pickings at Waikele…sorry!  Kunio is a comfortable Japanese restaurant that serves up some great teishoku deals.  Also, we’ve had great customer service both times!  That’s winners for me already…check out the food pics!


Miso Butterfish and Shrimp Tempura/Squid Tempura Combo!  The butterfish is in the bottom left square, looks koge huh?

131114-02Starting appetizers!  Kinpira gobo, seasoned butterfish, spicy garlic edamame.  What a treat!  The fish was wonderful.  If I had known we would get butterfish, I wouldn’t have ordered it as my main.  Oh well, double the pleasure!

131114-03Miso soup

131114-04It looks pretty burnt but the fish was fantastic.  You can’t really screw up butterfish because it is so luscious anyway, this just proves the point!  The skin is completely burnt but the fish is still moist and delicious.

131114-05The tempura is good!  One shrimp and one squid.  The squid is a nice filet slice, very tender and soft.  The tempura also comes with various veggie tempura pieces.  Great teishoku!  Definitely worth the price.

2 responses to “Kunio Restaurant – Waikele, HI

  1. matsu

    Small kine koge butterfish sounds good to me! Thank you!

  2. Haha then you would like this dish! Give it a try. 🙂

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