Recipe: Almond Cookies

One day, I was feeling like some almond cookies. Since I was in a cooking mood, I decided to make the almond cookies myself. To my surprise, the cookies were very easy to make and delicious! I have never used Crisco before this and was pleasantly pleased with how the cookies came out. You definitely need to use Crisco or the cookies won’t have the same crunchy texture.

160109-01Doesn’t this look yummy??

160109-02Cookies from scratch. I sifted all the ingredients together.

160109-03Wish I had round edges on my chopsticks, the red dot would have been more like a circle…

160109-04Here is how the cookie will look if you try to move it right after taking it out of the oven. You need to let the cookies cool on the pan for at least 5 minutes before you can move them. The cooling will allow the cookies to harden, fresh out of the oven will be too soft in texture.

160109-05Perfect Almond Cookie!

I followed the recipe exactly from House of Annie: Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe.

2 responses to “Recipe: Almond Cookies

  1. jalna

    Loooks so good!! A long time ago I used to make almond cookies using lye water. Ever heard of that? I don’t know if I even have the recipe anymore . . . but now I’m wondering . . . how healthy is that, yah?

  2. N

    I have to try this…I have been craving and searching for the almond cookies that my elementary and intermediate schools served. It was so flaky, that when you bite into it, it dissolved in my mouth immediately. They were sorta like Melting Moments. All the commercial cookies I’ve tried are hard like cardboard and thick. Not flaky, they were too solid and tough. I even tried the highly recommended Yelp Chinatown maker and nope not even close. I hope this is like the one I remember. Thank you.

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